Karai Yoga: Stunning Yoga Clothes UK designed


We are Karai Yoga.


We believe in the power of personal transformation through yoga, both on and off the mat. We believe in pure substance, internally as well as externally.


At Karai Yoga, we are purveyors of Super-Luxe dreamlike yoga wear for women where fantasies merge with reality. We specialise in enigmatic, high end yoga clothes with fresh, contemporary accents which will enrapture you in a beautifully opulent, transformative experience.


Based in London, we design the ultimate in exquisite yoga wear for Yogis, and aspiring Yogis wardrobes, who are seeking to express their vibrant femininity with an individualistic unique and mysterious impression. Our yoga clothing is characterised by a distinguished plushness and each garment is exclusively custom made for Karai Yoga and individually carefully hand crafted by expert skilled workmanship.  


From our yoga pants to our yoga tops, every collection has been carefully designed without compromise, always considering how we can serve you in mind. Timeless, glimmering high shine, subtle luminesce and daring bold colour palettes are intrinsically at the heart of everything we produce.


With our yoga wear, we want to provide you with a truly lavish, yet sumptuously comfortable experience.



As a result, all of our yoga pants have high-performance design with the reassuring amenities of compression and moisture wicking technology (withstanding high energy practice), alongside four-way stretch and a flattering high waistband.


Our yoga tops benefit from the same moisture wicking and four-way stretch as our yoga pants, with the added extra of removable cups. 


At Karai Yoga, we want our yoga wear to deliver a captivating splendid radiance to enthral all of our customers.


Inclusivity is important to us, so our sizes range from Extra-Small to Extra-Large.


If you wish to be privy to exclusive offers from time to time, do subscribe on our website.


Enjoy complimentary shipping within the UK.


So, come alive and join us. An intriguing mystic world of refined luxury awaits you.

Find out more at https://www.karaiyoga.com/collections.

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